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If you’re bored, I’m over here being bored tooooooo

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The only downside to DMC is that you can’t snap a photo whenever you want..

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steganoble whispered: Hello! Firstly, thank you so much for your New Leaf blog! It was a great resource! Secondly my question is about DMW. Is it like NL in that you can make multiple profiles with the same cartridge? I bought it on a whim but I'm afraid to open it in case my gf and I can't have our own gameplay experiences (we're poor and can't afford 2 copies). Thanks!

No, you can only have one profile :( 

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theauthoryperson whispered: I noticed you've been posting a lot of dmw asks, and i was wondering if you could give me a review? Im trying to decide if its worth the money, and though it doesnt look "beatable" per se, i dont want to get bored of it a few days in.

Ah okay! 

Well, I think this game is very similar to Animal Crossing in a more childish way. The normal things you can do at anytime is fish, create outfits, run your cafe, create furniture, and gather materials.

Apart from that, you can help Disney characters or random visitors that roam around the area with their quests/requests or go to the other Disney character worlds (Winnie the Pooh, Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella) and do those mini dungeon quests!

The graphics and movements aren’t as smooth as Animal Crossing and it can be laggy at times. Also, the story/ dialogue can be repetitive during the “dungeon” parts.

This game is made REALLY easy for kids so if you think what I just listed above sounds sorta lame, this game isn’t for you. I have been playing for 2 days not “hardcorely” and I’ve already gotten 26 stickers and unlocked all the worlds. 

Overall, I give this game… 8/10??? It’s a good game but i think if you play non-stop, you’ll feel tired of it. 

You can also watch some gameplay videos on youtube just to see how it goes!! 

I’m not sure what else to write but if you have any more questions, feel free to ask me!

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off-towonderland whispered: Okay so I just got Disney Magical World today and I love it! But for some reason I'm stuck at one part. I'm trying to find the king's card for The Chancellor and I'm assuming the girl who wants ears has it. So I went to Daisy's, made ears, but she won't take them :( every time I talk to her she just says can't wait! Am I missing something that I have to do or what?

They have to be in the color the girl requested!! i did that too.. I made yellow ones when she wanted red ones. Just check the request again and look at the coloured diamond beside the item name!

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kawaiicrossingnewleaf whispered: Do you think that Disney Magical World will come in Europe? It looks so cute!

They should!! I don’t the reason why they wouldn’t

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queen--midnight whispered: Yeah it wasn't hard to get them lol. And the only online play is that you can visit others cafes and people can visit yours atm

Oh, thanks for letting me know!!

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I made a Disney Magical World blog to post AR CODES~~

I’m still working on it but please check it out!

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adventures-in-storyvil whispered: Does the new Disney game have Wi-Fi capabilities? Like can you visit your friends like in ACNL?

I don’t think so unfortunately :(

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queen--midnight whispered: i'm playing dmw! i downloaded it right away last night and already have 24 stickers oops

WOWWWW so fast yo!!! I’m currently downloading the update heheheh and i’m going to get some free items using the Magic AR cards!!

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Anonymous whispered: HELLO THIS IS A FEW DAYS LATE (and I don't even know if you'll get this haha!) but non-tumblr user here to say thank you so much for your work all this time! This was my main source for QRs and it was spectacular of you to archive all this. I hope you have fun & goodluck with whatever you do next!

Wow thank you so much!! If you’re looking to find a new place for QR codes, you can try these sites:

I used these to post QR codes.

I may come back and post unrelated things like Disney Magic Castle if people are interested hahahha I have no idea as to what I’ll do but hopefully something will come up.

Thank you again for your support!! 

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