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Anonymous whispered: I was thinking about getting the new TOMODACHI game. Do you think it's worth getting?

I think it’s a fun game for people who enjoy relaxing type games. I just started but I think i’ll enjoy it because I’ve played the DS version a long time ago.

The concept of the game is completely random so if you’re not a quirky type of person, you might find it boring or completely immature haha

If I were to describe this game.. it would be.. TINY part wario ware and tiny part My Sims (not the realistic sims).

If you want to hear more about it, I’d suggest you to watch Wiifolderjosh’s videos on Youtube!!

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Anonymous whispered: Can I add you to my TOMODACHI game?

Lol sure um.. lemme try to upload a QR of my mii

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Anonymous whispered: Are you officially back now? :D

Noo sorry :( I don’t think I’ll update any more AC content on this blog unless there are some blogs out there that want to be promoted or are looking for items, I’d be glad to help!

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Anonymous whispered: what is your town called but not Chinese please

It’s Japanese… and whatever town you saw isn’t mine.

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layla02 whispered: Hey! Where you visiting a dream town for the castle in the sky picture? c:

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jirachi-91 whispered: Your "Castle in the Sky" AC:NL thing... Do you mind if I get the QR Codes for these, or do you already have it here on your blog?

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Anonymous whispered: do you know any qr codes for stained glass of images that are silhouettes? thanks!

Will only redirect you to what I’ve previously reblogged:

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Anonymous whispered: I see that you play animal crossing And I saw you posted about the new disney game for the 3ds I have to ask, is that game enjoyable? I want to buy it, but I'm not sure if I would like it. Do you like it?

I would say this game is more childish than AC. It gets a little repetitive just doing missions/dungeons. You can find materials from those dungeons to make food for the cafe, costumes, and furnitures. I like it but it’s just my opinion so i would suggest you watch some gameplays on youtube to decide whether or not you want the game.

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Anonymous whispered: Hey, I know your blog is closed but you still answer questions right? So I would like to delete my Animal Crossing Town... And for a new one I search for a name... Palutena, Petobel, Yin Kyou. What do you think is the best name of that three?

I think…. Petobel! sounds cuteeee

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What character or celebrity will you be making to live with you in Tomodachi Life?

or fall in love with you hahahahha

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Anonymous whispered: if youre not going to post acnl what will you post?

Just asks I guess or maybe some Tomodachi stuff in the near future??

No Idea..

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Anonymous whispered: Why does it say that your blog is closed?

Because I’m no longer going to post AC stuff.

I’ll still answer some questions and such though.

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