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Lavender One piece

Anonymous asked:
They’re trying to find a pattern of wood with flowers and that you don’t have the QR code, it’s a set and it also has some kind of plant with flowers and boxes containing flowers, it goes with the flooring. Pretty much the gist of what they said.

uh ok? I’m guessing it’s either this




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Anonymous asked:
Hola, estoy desesperada. Necesito encontrar sea cómo sea el suelo de maderita con flores, es un suelo de madera, pero tu no tienes el Qr, solo tienes del mismo pueblo (o del mismo set) la hierba con las flores y las cajitas con las flores que son a juego con el suelo que te he comentado, es muy importante. Gracias

Sorry… no hablas espanol

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Anonymous asked:
I am trying to transfer my designs over to my other character but is there a way I can do it without erasing my designs and starting over with the designs that are already there. If this is confusing I am very sorry.


nope.. you gotta start all over if you’re transferring :(

oh oops i thought you meant the designs you lay on the ground. I think the only way you can “transfer” the design is to either rescan the QR code on you second character (if it’s not your design) or put them on display at ables shop (if its your own design)