This is totally random but

it would be great if you guys can check out my friends insta and possibly follow him!!

His insta is full of really nice pictures from his backpack adventure around Europe!!

IG: aquaman9027

I appreciated it!! x

fandoms-yeah asked:
If we create a chArecTer to set down paths, and then deleted them, would we still have paths?

Nope! The patterns will be gone as well.

Anonymous asked:
I'm preparing my town for Halloween and I've been searching all over the internet for good blood platter, blood, bloody hand prints, type of qr codes so I can customize furniture, however I have only been able to find 1 blood platter qr code. Would you happen to have any or know of any dream towns where the walrus gives out blood platter patters? Thank-you very much for your time! :)

Idk any dream towns that might give them out but here are some

tardisgal13 asked:
I need some help getting 120 bushes to make my town nice. If you help me i will repay u and let u take fruit from my town. If you would like to help out please message me and i will reply with my friend code. Thank u all so much for helping!


Please send her an ask if you would like to help!!


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Dream code: 2300-2361-9703

Lavender One piece

Anonymous asked:
They’re trying to find a pattern of wood with flowers and that you don’t have the QR code, it’s a set and it also has some kind of plant with flowers and boxes containing flowers, it goes with the flooring. Pretty much the gist of what they said.

uh ok? I’m guessing it’s either this


Dream code: 3700-4308-6336